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I Am Overlord

Author: 我本纯洁 (I Am Pure)

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Updated: 2021-10-02 23:38:51

Latest chapter: Chapter 1126: Departing Through Invisibility

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《I Am Overlord》Latest chapter
Chapter 1126: Departing Through Invisibility
Chapter 1125: Extreme Chill Curved Sword
Chapter 1124: Obtaining the Greenleaf Juice
Chapter 1123: Saintly Radiant Pearl
Chapter 1122: Angel Helpers
Chapter 1121: It's Getting Real Troublesome Now
Chapter 1120: What's the Point Of Bullying Women?
Chapter 1119: Propriety Between Man and Woman
Chapter 1118: Fox Princess
Chapter 1117: Gold Lunar Liquid's Value
Chapter 1116: Spirit Ear Race
Chapter 1115: Getian City
《I Am Overlord》' main text
Chapter 1126: Departing Through Invisibility
Chapter 1125: Extreme Chill Curved Sword
Chapter 1124: Obtaining the Greenleaf Juice
Chapter 1123: Saintly Radiant Pearl
Chapter 1122: Angel Helpers
Chapter 1121: It's Getting Real Troublesome Now
Chapter 1120: What's the Point Of Bullying Women?
Chapter 1119: Propriety Between Man and Woman
Chapter 1118: Fox Princess
Chapter 1117: Gold Lunar Liquid's Value
Chapter 1116: Spirit Ear Race
Chapter 1115: Getian City
Chapter 1114: I Will Protect You
Chapter 1113: Rather Live a Short but Brilliant Life
Chapter 1112: Pale Lotus Fairy
Chapter 1111: The Pale Lotus and the Moon
Chapter 1110: I Do Love You, Xiaoqing
Chapter 1109: Flower Fairy Territory
Chapter 1108: Go All The Way
Chapter 1107: Yin and Yang Offensive
Chapter 1106: Comprehending the Dao of Time
Chapter 1105: Dao of Time
Chapter 1104: Terrifying Restriction Power
Chapter 1103: Numerous Saint Herbs
Chapter 1102: Nether Yin Palm Versus Bone Saint
Chapter 1101: Fighting the Kui Ox
Chapter 1100: Kui Ox and Three-Colored Snake
Chapter 1099: Headless Stone Lion
Chapter 1098: Bone Race
Chapter 1097: Spacetime Grotto
Chapter 1096: Loud Runic
Chapter 1095: Abyss River
Chapter 1094: I Can Do It
Chapter 1093: Guo Po Bullied
Chapter 1092: More Waves
Chapter 1091: Limit Stimulation
Chapter 1090: Starfall Lightning Refining
Chapter 1089: Double Demon Saints
Chapter 1088: Soul Duality
Chapter 1087: Yao Qian Wakes Up
Chapter 1086: Yao Qian's Soul Transformation
Chapter 1085: You Are Unforgivable
Chapter 1084: Battling the Eighteen Knights
Chapter 1083: Stubborn
Chapter 1082: Grave Provocation
Chapter 1081: Revolt
Chapter 1080: Before Sorting General Assembly
Chapter 1079: Your Father Is Not Dead
Chapter 1078: I Hope They'll Be Able to Hang On
Chapter 1077: Help You Reach Heaven Battling Realm
Chapter 1076: Conquer
Chapter 1075: Scarlet Flame Monarch's Departure
Chapter 1074: Saint Pill Done
Chapter 1073: I Have to Tend to Something Else, Bye
Chapter 1072: First Woman
Chapter 1071: I'm Going to Eat You
Chapter 1070: There Is Hope for Little Qian
Chapter 1069: Give Me a Hug
Chapter 1068: I Can Get Some for You, Young Master
Chapter 1067: Everything Changes With Time
Chapter 1066: This Is the Son of My Benefactor
Chapter 1065: Terrifying Owl
Chapter 1064: Dwarf Ambush
Chapter 1063: All of You Will Die
Chapter 1062: I Will Save All of You
Chapter 1061: It's Called Turbid Gas
Chapter 1060: Devil Army
Chapter 1059: Di Batian Shows Himself
Chapter 1058: Celestial Child Versus Demonic Buddha
Chapter 1057: Four Golden Guardians
Chapter 1056: Slaughter
Chapter 1055: Alone Against a Sect
Chapter 1054: Big Brother Has Always Been This Handsome
Chapter 1053: Full Advantage
Chapter 1052: Massive Battle Begins
Chapter 1051: Army At the Gates
Chapter 1050: Moving In the Dark
Chapter 1049: The Feeble Yao Qian
Chapter 1048: Returning to a Familiar Place
Chapter 1047: Qian Clan Defects
Chapter 1046: Attack of a Saint
Chapter 1045: Conquering the City
Chapter 1044: Challenging the Limits
Chapter 1043: Fighting the Di's Four Qins
Chapter 1042: Let Me Deal With This Woman
Chapter 1041: He Is the Young Master
Chapter 1040: Occupying the Governor's Manor
Chapter 1039: Soul Foundation's Might
Chapter 1038: Ziling City
Chapter 1037: Sudden Phenomenon
Chapter 1036: Soul Foundation Forging
Chapter 1035: Rest in Peace, Big Black
Chapter 1034: Furious Resentment
Chapter 1033: Buried Monarch Mountain
Chapter 1032: Undying Devil Clan Bloodline
Chapter 1031: Are They Really Siblings?
Chapter 1030: I'll Bring a Demon Saint
Chapter 1029: You're Finally Here to See Me, Boss
Chapter 1028: Returning to Hundred Beasts Mountain
Chapter 1027: Old Drunkard
Chapter 1026: Guo Po's Leg
Chapter 1025: Meeting Xia Yingying Again
Chapter 1024: Guo Po
Chapter 1023: It Is My, Xiang Shaoyun's Honor
Chapter 1022: He Is Too Handsome
Chapter 1021: Nothing
Chapter 1020: The Arrogant Dragon Society People
Chapter 1019: Tune Empress
Chapter 1018: Li Juetian Staying
Chapter 1017: Battle of Heaven Battling Realms
Chapter 1016: Capturing the Two Villains
Chapter 1015: Persuading Ugly Gambler
Chapter 1014: Poison Physician Du Wusheng
Chapter 1013: Red Dot
Chapter 1012: The Weather Is So Hot
Chapter 1011: Life Bet
Chapter 1010: Ready for the Journey
Chapter 1009: Golden Fury, Flamewater Discordance
Chapter 1008: Yin Yang Five Elements
Chapter 1007: Green Ghost's Indignation
Chapter 1006: Bereaved Royals
Chapter 1005: This Child Has Finally Grown Up
Chapter 1004: Welcoming the Young Master's Return
Chapter 1003: Unforgivable Enemies
Chapter 1002: Don't Run off Randomly in the Future
Chapter 1001: Hands off the Boss's Wife
Chapter 1000: I'm Quite Handsome Too
Chapter 999: Is This Really Fine
Chapter 998: Western Desert's Xiang Clan
Chapter 997: The Soul Clone Appears
Chapter 996: Dugu Qiubai Surrenders
Chapter 995: Defeat?
Chapter 994: Yin Yang Shield
Chapter 993: Turtleshell Battle Aura
Chapter 992: You Win the Weapons Round
Chapter 991: You're Still My Peerless Overlord
Chapter 990: Collision of Geniuses
Chapter 989: Fighting Dugu Qiubai
Chapter 988: Truly Shocking Battle
Chapter 987: Profundity of Light
Chapter 986: Unrivalled Righteousness
Chapter 985: Flux Finger Sword's Might
Chapter 984: No Longer Dare to Use This Title From Today Onward
Chapter 983: Please Allow Me to Taste Defeat
Chapter 982: I Challenge All of You
Chapter 981: Ye Linshan Moves
Chapter 980: It Would Be Boring Otherwise
Chapter 979: Sword of Speed Bu Feng
Chapter 978: Jiu Tian
Chapter 977: Is This Really Your Dragon Phoenix Academy's Abandoned Disciple?
Chapter 976: Beast Transformation Technique
Chapter 975: Another Victory
Chapter 974: Womenfolk Have No Business Here
Chapter 973: Are You Even Worthy of Knowing Her Name?
Chapter 972: Clash of Two Prodigies
Chapter 971: Battle of the Rising Suns: Begin
Chapter 970: Follow This Young Master and Live a Good Life
Chapter 969: I Have Obtained His Inheritance
Chapter 968: Legacy
Chapter 967: Arrangement of Fate
Chapter 966: You May Ask the King of Hell
Chapter 965: Nether Yin Gate
Chapter 964: The Slaughter of Nether Soul Domain
Chapter 963: An Ant Shaking a Tree
Chapter 962: Victory to the Brave
Chapter 961: Bitter Fight
Chapter 960: A Dream of the Battlefield
Chapter 959: Each With Their Own Gains
Chapter 958: Falling Coffin
Chapter 957: Celestial King's Palace
Chapter 956: This Is a Sign of Great Danger
Chapter 955: Attention Splitting
Chapter 954: Body Cleansing
Chapter 953: Entering Eighth-Stage Dragon Ascension Realm
Chapter 952: A Real Man Doesn't Fight With Womenfolk
Chapter 951: My Spotless Reputation
Chapter 950: Flux Finger Sword Technique and Limit Stimulation Technique
Chapter 949: Sarira
Chapter 948: Unusual Lake Water
Chapter 947: Gold-Scaled Dragon Turtle
Chapter 946: Transacting With the Goldmark Toad
Chapter 945: Golden Lake
Chapter 944: Alone Against the Heroes of the World
Chapter 943: Get Lost
Chapter 942: I'm Taking These
Chapter 941: Saint Soul Tree
Chapter 940: War Banner
Chapter 939: Lifebone Flower
Chapter 938: Whitebone Snake Sovereign
Chapter 937: Unsafe for You
Chapter 936: Allow Me Escort You
Chapter 935: Dark Wyvern
Chapter 934: Fierce Fight Against True Martial Academy Freaks
Chapter 933: Kill All of You as Well
Chapter 932: I'll Permit Him to Continue Calling Himself the Little Overlord
Chapter 931: Breaching the Siege
Chapter 930: Nascent Transformation Stone
Chapter 929: Gathering of Prodigies
Chapter 928: Meeting Xia Liuhui Again
Chapter 927: Guardian Token
Chapter 926: Xiang Shaoyun's Arrival
Chapter 925: Capturing the Blue-Scale Jiao Princess
Chapter 924: It's Actually a Female Jiao?
Chapter 923: Lie of Kindness
Chapter 922: Rushing to the Lonesoul Island
Chapter 921: Gains
Chapter 920: Mystic Earth Essence Energy
Chapter 919: I Am Willing to Submit
Chapter 918: Clone Versus Strong-Ape
Chapter 917: We Are Originally One
Chapter 916: Fusing the Noble Glazed Flame
Chapter 915: Farewell
Chapter 914: Reunion of Brothers
Chapter 913: Primal Inception Energy
Chapter 912: Leaving the Academy
Chapter 911: Scarlet Flame Monarch Released
Chapter 910: Killing a Saint
Chapter 909: Can You Be More Shameless?
Chapter 908: Entering the Castle Forcefully
Chapter 907: The End of Three Moves
Chapter 906: Three Moves to Determine the Victor
Chapter 905: Seeing the Goldmen Again
Chapter 904: Saying Goodbye to the Legion
Chapter 903: Young Master, the Flies Have Been Dealt With
Chapter 902: Prior to Leaving
Chapter 901: Human Heaven Unity
Chapter 900: Anger of the Legion
Chapter 899: Strength Is Everything
Chapter 898: Restoring the Scene
Chapter 897: Wolf Guard
Chapter 896: I Am Young Master's Loyal Servant
Chapter 895: Clash of Elders
Chapter 894: That Kid Is Really a Devil
Chapter 893: Sovereign Killing
Chapter 892: Nobody Can Save You Today
Chapter 891: Situ Yan's Revenge
Chapter 890: Xiang Shaoyun Taken
Chapter 889: I'm Breaking All Your Arms Today
Chapter 888: Arresting You for Elder Shadowflash
Chapter 887: Lightning Calamity Fiery Star
Chapter 886: Something Is Odd About These Ruined Pages
Chapter 885: Shark Devourer Saber
Chapter 884: Women Are Trouble
Chapter 883: The End and the New Beginning
Chapter 882: End of Fight and Rankings
Chapter 881: Three Treasures
Chapter 880: Soul Foundation Forming Insights
Chapter 879: You Know Puppet Manipulation Technique as Well?
Chapter 878: Gui Mochou's Ambush
Chapter 877: You Can Address Me as the Celestial Horned Dragonsnake
Chapter 876: Preparing to Separate and Train
Chapter 875: This Is the Result of My Tiny Comprehension
Chapter 874: Looking Forward to Our Next Battle
Chapter 873: Let Me Deal With This Kid
Chapter 872: Severing Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 871: Fighting Zhan Wushuang Fairly
Chapter 870: Harvesting the Devil Vine's Blood Heart
Chapter 869: Devil Vine's Blood Heart
Chapter 868: Defeating Huang Tianji
Chapter 867: Chaotic Battle of Freaks
Chapter 866: Killing Mo Xiaoqing
Chapter 865: Fight for the Jade Cases
Chapter 864: Devouring the Dragon-shaped Battle Aura
Chapter 863: Dragon and Phoenix Phantoms
Chapter 862: The Prodigies Snatching the Treasures
Chapter 861: Battling the Devil Sovereign Puppets
Chapter 860: Breaking Through by Force
Chapter 859: Blood Devil Vine and Immortal Dead Tree
Chapter 858: Secret Door Opened
Chapter 857: Baili Yixiao
Chapter 856: News of the Fifth Key
Chapter 855: Four Stone Keys Gathered
Chapter 854: Zhan Wushuang
Chapter 853: Thank You for the Praise
Chapter 852: Meeting Lei Bao Again
Chapter 851: Dividing Gains
Chapter 850: I'm in Charge
Chapter 849: Capturing Huang Xiaoyue
Chapter 848: Never Too Much Deception in War
Chapter 847: Foes Always Meet
Chapter 846: From Today Onward, the Glacier Palace Is No More
Chapter 845: Stone Key
Chapter 844: Big Black Nimbus
Chapter 843: Secret Reversal Technique
Chapter 842: Beheading Huo Xudong
Chapter 841: Psychedelic Flower
Chapter 840: The Overlord Is Way Too Scary
Chapter 839: Defeating Li Li
Chapter 838: The Overlord Has a Lot of Tricks up His Sleeve
Chapter 837: Trashing the Royals in Anger
Chapter 836: Profundity of Wood
Chapter 835: Divine Tree of Life
Chapter 834: Intelligent Tiny Tree
Chapter 833: Primary-grade Dragon Phoenix Battleground
Chapter 832: I Won't Mind It Even if All of You Come Together
Chapter 831: Xiang Shaoyun's Transformation
Chapter 830: Agreement of Two Women
Chapter 829: Yu Ziyang's Strength
Chapter 828: Women's Remorse
Chapter 827: Lady Shura's Outburst
Chapter 826: Get Lost
Chapter 825: This Child Is So Unlucky
Chapter 824: Zhang Feng's Insanity
Chapter 823: Conversation Between the Holy Maiden and the Elder
Chapter 822: Fairies in Conflict
Chapter 821: That Bastard
Chapter 820: On the Way Back
Chapter 819: Overlord Legion's Update
Chapter 818: First Elder's Plans
Chapter 817: A Wife Like This Is All a Man Can Ask For
Chapter 816: I Will Never Let You Down
Chapter 815: Dragon Bone
Chapter 814: Entering the Blood Dragon Pool
Chapter 813: Blood Dragon Pool
Chapter 812: First Elder Stabilizes the Situation
Chapter 811: Tragedy of the Dwarf
Chapter 810: Public Assassination
Chapter 809: A Conspiracy Appears
Chapter 808: Shameless Old Urchin
Chapter 807: Candid Honesty
Chapter 806: Admiration of Beauty
Chapter 805: A Song of the Free and Unfettered
Chapter 804: Come and Greet the Holy Son-in-law
Chapter 803: Congratulations, Holy Son-in-law
Chapter 802: Secret of the Stone Tower
Chapter 801: Activating the Formation
Chapter 800: The Third Trial
Chapter 799: Those Refusing the Advice of the Elderly Will Be the Ones to Suffer
Chapter 798: Battling the Holy Hall Master's Clone
Chapter 797: The Second Trial Begins
Chapter 796: First Trial
Chapter 795: Facing the Trials Together
Chapter 794: This Has Nothing to Do With Me
Chapter 793: War of Words
Chapter 792: Lawless and Unbridled
Chapter 791: Exchange of Hearts Between Brothers
Chapter 790: Liang Zhuangmin and Wu Zhijun
Chapter 789: Holy Hall Affair
Chapter 788: Turbid Origin Gas Technique
Chapter 787: Understanding the Holy Earth Hall
Chapter 786: Rescue and Leave
Chapter 785: Who the Hell Made My Big Brother a Slave
Chapter 784: Two Old Freaks
Chapter 783: Perhaps This Is Love
Chapter 782: Holy Earth Hall
Chapter 781: An Attendant Doesn't Need to Learn Donkey Driving, Right
Chapter 780: Perfect Woman
Chapter 779: A Donkey Carriage in the Desert
Chapter 778: Stopping the Super Sandstorm
Chapter 777: Truly a Super Freak
Chapter 776: Bandit Leader's Self-Destruct
Chapter 775: Sovereign Extermination
Chapter 774: Sovereign Killing
Chapter 773: Shaking the Sovereign
Chapter 772: The Bandit Commander Appears
Chapter 771: Beating The Sandpoison Scorpion Into Retreat
Chapter 770: Fragrance Bug and Sandpoison Scorpion
Chapter 769: Ambush
Chapter 768: Desert Shadow Wolves
Chapter 767: Entering the Desert of Despair
Chapter 766: Desert of Despair
Chapter 765: Group Mission
Chapter 764: Xiang Shaoyun, You're Shameless
Chapter 763: One Against One Hundred
Chapter 762: Here to Create Trouble
Chapter 761: Don't Hold Back Against Him
Chapter 760: Third-Stage Dragon Ascension Realm Advancement
Chapter 759: Number One Overseer
Chapter 758: Dazzling Sky Sword Technique
Chapter 757: Official Appointment
Chapter 756: Envoy of Light
Chapter 755: Child of Light
Chapter 754: Light of Wisdom
Chapter 753: There Is Hope
Chapter 752: Purification Punishment
Chapter 751: High Priest Angel
Chapter 750: You're A Devil
Chapter 749: I'll Be Shy
Chapter 748: Ruining a Good Affair
Chapter 747: After the Battle
Chapter 746: Sudden Change of Di Lin
Chapter 745: Killing Di Lin
Chapter 744: Intense Battle
Chapter 743: Xiang Shaoyun Versus Di Lin
Chapter 742: The Husband Dares Not Disobey
Chapter 741: Nurturing Stars
Chapter 740: Refining Gleamstar Water
Chapter 739: His Lowly Life Is So Tenacious
Chapter 738: I'll Be the Deputy Commander
Chapter 737: You Must Be Trying to Scam Me
Chapter 736: Trapped in the Spatial Suppression Diagram
Chapter 735: I, Xiang Shaoyun, Am Here
Chapter 734: Revenge Is Here
Chapter 733: Or You Can Prepare to Collect Her Corpse
Chapter 732: Capturing An Lulu
Chapter 731: I Find You Too Ugly
Chapter 730: Lady Violence An Lulu
Chapter 729: We Obey The Overlord
Chapter 728: You Turtle
Chapter 727: Gleamstar Water
Chapter 726: Horned Shell Monster
Chapter 725: Gleamstar Blessed Land
Chapter 724: Ouyang Chuanqi
Chapter 723: Heading to Gleamstar Blessed Land
Chapter 722: Han Chenfei's Comfort
Chapter 721: Alliance
Chapter 720: Dark Sky Engulfing Imprint
Chapter 719: Seeking Gleamstar Water Mission
Chapter 718: Xiao Wei's Appearance
Chapter 717: I Can Serve You
Chapter 716: Only Speed Is Undefeated
Chapter 715: Yin Wind Devil
Chapter 714: You Can Try Escaping if You Want
Chapter 713: Feathered Beastman
Chapter 712: What Are You Trying To Do
Chapter 711: This Must Be the Sinister Wind Den
Chapter 710: It's Really A Fierce Murderous Demon
Chapter 709: Work Hard, Future Brother-In-Law
Chapter 708: I Am Your Brother-in-Law, Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 707: Desperate Killing of the Flame Spirit Emperor
Chapter 706: This Is the Profundity of Flame
Chapter 705: Flame Spirit Emperor
Chapter 704: Seizing Origin Crystals
Chapter 703: Flame Spirit Appearing
Chapter 702: Cross the Flame Line and Die
Chapter 701: Yu Ziyang
Chapter 700: Submit and This Young Master Shall Spare You
Chapter 699: Xia Yunxi
Chapter 698: I'll Kill You First
Chapter 697: Flame Mountains
Chapter 696: Tricking the Old Frost Wolf
Chapter 695: Don't Blame Me, You Need to Take Responsibility
Chapter 694: Let Go
Chapter 693: Prompt Rescue
Chapter 692: Meeting Huo Xudong Again
Chapter 691: Comprehending the Profundity of Ice and Water
Chapter 690: Suffering From Frost
Chapter 689: Alarming Ice Coffin
Chapter 688: Ice Arrowfish
Chapter 687: We Can Definitely Complete This Smoothly
Chapter 686: Attack of the Water Jiao
Chapter 685: Special Priority Disciple
Chapter 684: Green Youth Ye Linshan
Chapter 683: Scram
Chapter 682: Long Live Overlord Legion
Chapter 681: Self Reliance Is Better Than Relying on Others
Chapter 680: Sweeping the Tomb to Comprehend the Heart
Chapter 679: I Just Train, and Train, Really!
Chapter 678: Who's Your Wife?
Chapter 677: Xiang Shaoyun Leaves Seclusion
Chapter 676: Beauties Arriving in Succession
Chapter 675: Let Me Help You Back
Chapter 674: I'll Remember the Humiliation Today
Chapter 673: For This Battle, I Concede
Chapter 672: Battling Xiao Xie
Chapter 671: Meeting of Freaks
Chapter 670: You're Really the Overlord
Chapter 669: Yet Another Prison
Chapter 668: Severing Saber Manor's Young Master Xiao Xie
Chapter 667: Kill Them All
Chapter 666: Dark Origin Energy
Chapter 665: The Legendary Spatial Crested Snakes
Chapter 664: Trap and Dreamland
Chapter 663: Blinded
Chapter 662: Heaven Breaking Shears
Chapter 661: Devouring Phosphorus Bug Disaster
Chapter 660: These Fellows Are Too Shrewd
Chapter 659: I'll Put My Trust in You, Kid
Chapter 658: The Three Villains Conspire
Chapter 657: Reunion with the Villains
Chapter 656: Exquisite Young Woman
Chapter 655: Seeking Defeat
Chapter 654: Devouring Phosphorus Poison
Chapter 653: Lucky Escape
Chapter 652: Sin Dragon Pond
Chapter 651: Honor the Young Sect Master
Chapter 650: Big Brother Shaoyun Is Amazing
Chapter 649: Sin Dragon
Chapter 648: Capturing Old Winter and Summer
Chapter 647: Shang Jifeng's Return
Chapter 646: Not Even Worthy of Scratching My Itch
Chapter 645: A Young Man Shouldn't Be Spending All His Time Thinking About Women
Chapter 644: Young Shaoyun, Are You Married?
Chapter 643: Shang Jifeng's Sister Shang Yafang
Chapter 642: Shifty-Eyed
Chapter 641: That Is a Saint Weapon
Chapter 640: Seven-Layered Soul Foundation
Chapter 639: Eager to Save
Chapter 638: How Generous
Chapter 637: Zhu Changchuang's Scheme
Chapter 636: I'm Right in Front of You
Chapter 635: You Dare Lay Hands on My Woman?
Chapter 634: Desolation
Chapter 633: Gold Tree Sapling and Broken Stele
Chapter 632: The Significance of the Gold Lunar Liquid
Chapter 631: Goldmen Guest
Chapter 630: Goldman Prince's Invitation
Chapter 629: Lending a Helping Hand
Chapter 628: Approaching Goldmen's Territory
Chapter 627: The Person You Offended is the Green Youth
Chapter 626: Vicious Steel Mist
Chapter 625: The Rise of Money
Chapter 624: The Fearsome Purple Lightning Pool
Chapter 623: Money Bullied
Chapter 622: Lightning Explosion
Chapter 621: Nine Great Unique Zones
Chapter 620: Di Lin Avoiding the Fight
Chapter 619: Zhuge Zhantian and Ma Qihao
Chapter 618: Shang Jifeng Greets the Overlord
Chapter 617: Legion Recruitment
Chapter 616: Consuming the Dragon Liquid
Chapter 615: Overlord Legion
Chapter 614: Discovery of an Underground Palace
Chapter 613: Dragon Liquid, Obtained
Chapter 612: Looks Like You Still Don't Know Remorse
Chapter 611: Rise of Conflict
Chapter 610: Dragon-Scaled Elephant's Territory
Chapter 609: Entering the Dragon Ascension Realm
Chapter 608: The Dreadful Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist
Chapter 607: You Guys Can Go on to the Afterlife, Then
Chapter 606: Assassination
Chapter 605: Treasure Seeking Mouse
Chapter 604: Mission Selection
Chapter 603: He Might Create a Miracle
Chapter 602: A Fine Heroic and Handsome Prince
Chapter 601: Princess Huang Xiaoyue
Chapter 600: Suppressing a Breakthrough Opportunity
Chapter 599: Too Strong
Chapter 598: Step Suppression
Chapter 597: Don't You Have Any Finesse?
Chapter 596: Book Pavilion
Chapter 595: Ninety Percent Draconic Aura
Chapter 594: Draconic Aura Forming Failure
Chapter 593: I Hope You Can Get Through This
Chapter 592: I'm Telling You, I'm Her Husband
Chapter 591: If I Tell You I Want You
Chapter 590: Both of You Don't Have Long to Live
Chapter 589: Pretty Girl, Here to Challenge Me?
Chapter 588: Number Two Beauty Han Chenfei
Chapter 587: Profundity of the Power of Earth
Chapter 586: The Disadvantage of Cultivating Nine Powers With Nine Stars
Chapter 585: Betting Duels
Chapter 584: Victory Without a Battle
Chapter 583: Moving Into 1 Dragon Villa
Chapter 582: Unfair Enforcement
Chapter 581: Burning Anger
Chapter 580: The Trouble of Lady Shura and the Han Clan Sisters
Chapter 579: The Changes After One Year
Chapter 578: Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist
Chapter 577: Dao of Tactics
Chapter 576: Simply a Mess
Chapter 575: The Wondrous Ancient Mantra
Chapter 574: Ancient Secret
Chapter 573: Change
Chapter 572: Gravekeeper Elder
Chapter 571: High-Level Evil Spirit
Chapter 570: A Fine Filthless Soul
Chapter 569: Evil Spirit
Chapter 568: Vicious One, Vicious Two, Vicious Three
Chapter 567: Big-Winged Vicious Bird
Chapter 566: The Forbidden Back Graveyard
Chapter 565: Fend for Yourself
Chapter 564: This Kid Is Someone With a Character
Chapter 563: I Would Rather Die Than Submit
Chapter 562: Natural Phenomenon
Chapter 561: The Perfect Physique
Chapter 560: Your Life Will Always Be Mine
Chapter 559: Di Lin and Xia Yunxi
Chapter 558: Physique Assessment
Chapter 557: What an Excellent Recruit
Chapter 556: Bleeding From the Seven Orifices
Chapter 555: Everyone's Reaction
Chapter 554: I Think He Is Breaking Through
Chapter 553: Second Round
Chapter 552: Arriving at Dragon Phoenix Academy
Chapter 551: I'm Now Your Master
Chapter 550: None of You Can Escape
Chapter 549: Final Moment
Chapter 548: Seven Golden Lotuses
Chapter 547: Start of Test
Chapter 546: The Eight Great Freaks
Chapter 545: First Battle at Dragon Phoenix City
Chapter 544: Chance
Chapter 543: Trouble Comes Knocking
Chapter 542: Arriving at Dragon Phoenix City
Chapter 541: Heading to Dragon Phoenix Academy
Chapter 540: Repairing the Overlord Skyslaying Saber
Chapter 539: Their Physiques Are Really Terrible
Chapter 538: Consuming Astral Expansion Flower
Chapter 537: Ye Clan's Ye Youfei
Chapter 536: Di Batian Has a Backer
Chapter 535: Apology
Chapter 534: Mockery
Chapter 533: Random Invitation
Chapter 532: He Is a Hidden Dragon
Chapter 531: Battle Armor Weighing a Million Catty
Chapter 530: This Is a Divine Site
Chapter 529: This Fellow Sure Has a Good Timing
Chapter 528: Shura's Avatar
Chapter 527: Conclude Our Deal First
Chapter 526: Master and Disciple
Chapter 525: Meeting Green Ghost Again
Chapter 524: Hunting Rat Assassins
Chapter 523: Devouring Ghost's Blood Demon Clone
Chapter 522: Birth Mystery
Chapter 521: This Nephew Greets Uncle Tang
Chapter 520: Thank You, Han Qianwei
Chapter 519: Those Who Disagree May Step Forth Now
Chapter 518: Sovereign's Wrath
Chapter 517: Skeleton Gang's Crisis
Chapter 516: Trading for Numerous Odd Items
Chapter 515: This Kid Will Remember That
Chapter 514: The Fatally Attractive Spots
Chapter 513: Battle of the Four Academies
Chapter 512: Super War Emperor
Chapter 511: Not Even Houseflies Are as Noisy as You
Chapter 510: A True Scum
Chapter 509: Contribution Conversion
Chapter 508: Du Xuanhao Greets the Young Master
Chapter 507: Di Batian
Chapter 506: Even Your Uncle's Life Had Been Saved by Him
Chapter 505: Blood Cocoon Stone
Chapter 504: All of You May Die
Chapter 503: Han Pojun
Chapter 502: Nether Shadow Evanescence
Chapter 501: Extorting the Old Nether Prison Devil
Chapter 500: Blood Essence Fusion
Chapter 499: Nether Prison Devil Puppet
Chapter 498: This Will Be Quite Embarrassing for Me
Chapter 497: Nether Prison Devil
Chapter 496: Yang Devouring Devil
Chapter 495: Devil Severing Edge
Chapter 494: I Won't Keep You Around Then
Chapter 493: What a Madman
Chapter 492: That Must Be Pure Luck
Chapter 491: Utterly Shameless
Chapter 490: This Young Master Is Born Immune to Poison
Chapter 489: Repaying Kindness With Unkindness
Chapter 488: Conquering With Virtue
Chapter 487: True Nature of Men
Chapter 486: They Have Caught This Young Master's Eye
Chapter 485: You Are the One Who Hit Your Head Somewhere
Chapter 484: Han Clan Sisters in Danger Again
Chapter 483: Hurricane Kick and Vicious Prison Finger
Chapter 482: Can You Tackle This Young Master to Death?
Chapter 481: You Are Indeed Up to No Good
Chapter 480: Purpose of Contributions
Chapter 479: Four Great Ancient Academies
Chapter 478: So What If I Am Arrogant?
Chapter 477: Kicking Bai Qi to Death
Chapter 476: Rapid Cultivation Increase
Chapter 475: Those Who Approach Will Be Killed
Chapter 474: Absorbing Yin Devil Wind
Chapter 473: Activate the Nine Stars
Chapter 472: Riding the Wind
Chapter 471: Heaven Unity Technique
Chapter 470: Working Together Against the Storm
Chapter 469: Downfall of Kingdoms
Chapter 468: The Powerful Geniuses
Chapter 467: Saving Shou Xie
Chapter 466: Four Paramount Devil Clans
Chapter 465: Prison Party
Chapter 464: Like the Son of Wind
Chapter 463: Clowns
Chapter 462: Footwork Advancement
Chapter 461: Enhanced Recovery
Chapter 460: Yet Another Damnable Traitor
Chapter 459: Imprison and Kill
Chapter 458: This Is A Devil Wind Beast
Chapter 457: Side Effect
Chapter 456: Tang Longfei's Help
Chapter 455: River of Corpses
Chapter 454: Devil Ant Scorpion Emperor
Chapter 453: Devil Eye Beast
Chapter 452: Subduing the Devil Flame Seed
Chapter 451: Return of the Flame Taming Technique
Chapter 450: Devil Flame Seed
Chapter 449: Devil Flame Rat
Chapter 448: Is the Imperial Nether Clan Part of the Devils?
Chapter 447: What a Shameless Person
Chapter 446: You Lose
Chapter 445: Changing Weathers
Chapter 444: I Am Like a Bright Pearl During the Night
Chapter 443: Yu Caidie's Cousin
Chapter 442: The Devil Domain's Devil Blood
Chapter 441: This Guy Has a Good Eye
Chapter 440: Money Breaking Through Again
Chapter 439: The Yu Clan Is Indeed Terrifying
Chapter 438: I Can't Help It, I'm Just Too Handsome
Chapter 437: Only I Can Be Your Husband
Chapter 436: The Yu Clan's Holy Maiden Candidate
Chapter 435: Devil Fish
Chapter 434: I Want to Break Through
Chapter 433: Assembly of Geniuses
Chapter 432: Yao Jiaojiao's Dreadful Strength
Chapter 431: Meeting of Enemies
Chapter 430: Havoc Dance
Chapter 429: Poisoned
Chapter 428: Game of Villains
Chapter 427: Gathering of Villains
Chapter 426: Honest Gentleman
Chapter 425: Rat Assassins
Chapter 424: Watch How I Cut You Apart
Chapter 423: Devil Apeman
Chapter 422: The Difficult Wolf Fang
Chapter 421: Kill That Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 420: Golden Dragon Sword Su Jun
Chapter 419: You Can Be My Woman
Chapter 418: Green Ghost
Chapter 417: Sect Master Medal
Chapter 416: Bloodsin City Governor Tang Zhan
Chapter 415: Ten Victories
Chapter 414: This Kid Is a Super King
Chapter 413: Nothing Special
Chapter 412: White Tiger Manifestation
Chapter 411: Xiang Shaoyun is Victorious
Chapter 410: On the Arena, Fate Decides Life and Death
Chapter 409: Ugly Gambler of the Seven Villains
Chapter 408: Bloodsin Arena
Chapter 407: Welcoming Young Master Xiang
Chapter 406: A Sanctimonious Scoundrel
Chapter 405: Controlling the Skeleton Gang
Chapter 404: I Am Your Master From Now On
Chapter 403: Night Attack
Chapter 402: Han Clan Sisters
Chapter 401: Imperial Nether Prison
Chapter 400: Growing Soul Power
Chapter 399: Restricted Space
Chapter 398: Yu Clan Spiritual Medicine Store
Chapter 397: City of Chaos
Chapter 396: I Want the Leader Alive
Chapter 395: Bloodsin City
Chapter 394: Footwork Comprehension
Chapter 393: The Story of Blood Demon and Saber Devil
Chapter 392: Dong Clan's Generous Reward
Chapter 391: I'll Be Making the Decision to Betroth Little Wan to You
Chapter 390: Forming Nine-Colored Fog
Chapter 389: Tai and Xing Clans Erased
Chapter 388: Congratulations, Big Brother Du for Breaking Through
Chapter 387: I Don't Want to Leave You
Chapter 386: Silver Lightning Liquid
Chapter 385: I Will Face the Tribulation With You
Chapter 384: Money Breaking Through
Chapter 383: I'll Stay
Chapter 382: Harming My Young Master? Are You Tired of Living?
Chapter 381: Beating the Enemy Back
Chapter 380: That Man Can't Be Offended
Chapter 379: Prompt Reinforcement
Chapter 378: Harsh Scolding
Chapter 377: Clan Emergency
Chapter 376: Devouring Ghost's Breakthrough
Chapter 375: Overlord Is My Nickname
Chapter 374: Controlling Tai Kang
Chapter 373: Who Are You Calling a Fool?
Chapter 372: Empty
Chapter 371: Dong Ziwan's Might
Chapter 370: Dong Ziwan's Brother
Chapter 369: Lending a Helping Hand
Chapter 368: Footwork Intent
Chapter 367: Drawing the Lightning, Cultivate
Chapter 366: Six Goldplate Manual
Chapter 365: Silver Lightning Core
Chapter 364: Taming the Horned Lightning Snake
Chapter 363: Horned Lightning Snake
Chapter 362: Skysoar Realm, Finally
Chapter 361: Ignite, Fate Star
Chapter 360: When Should I Break Through If Not Now
Chapter 359: Come, Silver Lightning
Chapter 358: Silver Lightning Stone
Chapter 357: Silver-winged Lightning Wolf King
Chapter 356: Take Care
Chapter 355: Empty
Chapter 354: You're Still Such a Spendthrift, Big Brother
Chapter 353: Destroying the Mad Lion Hunting Group
Chapter 352: Your Killer
Chapter 351: It Is Not a Sin for a Man to Cry
Chapter 350: A Tiger Father Does Not Beget a Dog Son
Chapter 349: Xia Hamlet
Chapter 348: Parting
Chapter 347: You Are a Little Devil
Chapter 346: A Saber to Kill For Me
Chapter 345: Chen Zilong's Ambition
Chapter 344: I Have Wronged the Martial Hall Palace
Chapter 343: Qinyin, You Like Me, Right?
Chapter 342: Seven Severing Tunes
Chapter 341: Young Master Xiang, Just Call Me Qing!
Chapter 340: The Mad Lightning Emperor
Chapter 339: He Is Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 338: Crisis of Zi Changhe and Co
Chapter 337: You Are Incomparable to Your Sister
Chapter 336: Brand New Devouring Ghost
Chapter 335: Reunion of Brothers
Chapter 334: Big Brother, Are You Pretending?
Chapter 333: Warning Chen Zilong
Chapter 332: Transformation
Chapter 331: We're on the Same Side
Chapter 330: Mighty Old Demon
Chapter 329: Old Winter and Old Summer
Chapter 328: That is a Ten Millennia Stoneclock Milk
Chapter 327: Sister Ye Chaomu
Chapter 326: Suffering Heavy Injuries
Chapter 325: Slaughter
Chapter 324: You Shall Be My Target Practice
Chapter 323: Spare Them
Chapter 322: The Traitors Are Here
Chapter 321: I'll Send You All to the Afterlife
Chapter 320: Where Did This Barking Dog Come From?
Chapter 319: I Have a Few Strands of Soul Spring Here
Chapter 318: Leaked Whereabouts
Chapter 317: Saber Emperor to the Fight
Chapter 316: Cloud Margin Pavilion's Disaster
Chapter 315: Tragedy of the Lightning Emperor
Chapter 314: One Slash to Take Three Lives
Chapter 313: Final Clash
Chapter 312: Trump Card Presentation
Chapter 311: Fury of the Qilin
Chapter 310: Changing Weathers
Chapter 309: Saber and Sword, Fighting for Glory
Chapter 308: Xiang Shaoyun, Do You Dare Battle Me?
Chapter 307: Wu Chi and Zhi Yong
Chapter 306: Can You Move Your Hand Now?
Chapter 305: Mighty Liang Zhuangmin
Chapter 304: Rescuing the Beauty, Battling Mo Sha
Chapter 303: Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou Attacked
Chapter 302: You Think I Don't Dare to Kill You?
Chapter 301: Fusing With the Soul Raising Stone
Chapter 300: Wondrous Nether Soul Domain
Chapter 299: Soul Raising Stone Obtained
Chapter 298: Ninth-Stage Transformation Realm
Chapter 297: Entering the Ghostrune Heartland
Chapter 296: He is a Walking Calamity
Chapter 295: Might of the Four Divinity Swords
Chapter 294: You Must Be Sick
Chapter 293: Intense Battle With Lightning Kid
Chapter 292: Not Me Sparing You?
Chapter 291: You Shall Be the Young Master of Devouring Ghost
Chapter 290: Young Woman of Remarkable Beauty
Chapter 289: Devouring Ghost of the Five Skyslaying Generals
Chapter 288: New Secret Information
Chapter 287: A Terrifying Man
Chapter 286: A Ghostbloom and a Terrifying Human Face
Chapter 285: What Secret Is There on This Stone Mountain?
Chapter 284: Ghostrune King
Chapter 283: Soul Spring Obtained
Chapter 282: Climbing Moon Gazing Platform
Chapter 281: Time to Send You Off
Chapter 280: Are You Thanking Me or Are You Taking Advantage of Me?
Chapter 279: Strongest Group of Three
Chapter 278: Hua Honglou's Thoughts
Chapter 277: You Brought That on Yourself
Chapter 276: Why Should I Know a Dead Man?
Chapter 275: Hua Honglou's Might
Chapter 274: It Might Not Mean Us Harm
Chapter 273: Ghostrune Race
Chapter 272: Earthstone Heart
Chapter 271: Chaos Manufacturing
Chapter 270: Why Don't We Work Together?
Chapter 269: I'm a Nice Guy
Chapter 268: Harvesting the Spirit Crystal Mine
Chapter 267: Battling the Cannibal King
Chapter 266: Spirit Crystal Mine Indeed!
Chapter 265: Intense Battle With the Cannibals
Chapter 264: Maneater Vine
Chapter 263: Just the Appetizer
Chapter 262: The Land of Soul Springs Opens
Chapter 261: You Are Shameless
Chapter 260: Are You Done, Flies?
Chapter 259: Wu Town's Change
Chapter 258: Peace, Finally
Chapter 257: Not Stuffed!
Chapter 256: I Really Like You
Chapter 255: Personal Opportunities
Chapter 254: White Tiger Wings
Chapter 253: Challenging the Limit Again
Chapter 252: Land of Soul Springs
Chapter 251: No Class
Chapter 250: Zi Changhe Becoming King
Chapter 249: Depths of Hundred Beast Mountain Range
Chapter 248: Senior Brother Will Succeed
Chapter 247: Conversation With the Vice Pavilion Master
Chapter 246: A Dog Bullying Others With the Power of Its Master
Chapter 245: Martial Uncle Is Amazing
Chapter 244: Offended Someone Again?
Chapter 243: The Curtain Drops
Chapter 242: Courting Death
Chapter 241: Just a Bunch of Useless People With Empty Reputations
Chapter 240: Defeating Xie Sanqian Again
Chapter 239: How Boring
Chapter 238: I Want to Go With You
Chapter 237: I Am Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 236: Defeating a King
Chapter 235: This Kid Is Actually a War King
Chapter 234: I Can Finally Fly
Chapter 233: Definitely Comparable to an Emperor-Grade Saber
Chapter 232: White Tiger Essence
Chapter 231: I Will Prove It
Chapter 230: Join the Red House
Chapter 229: Let Us Be Brother and Sister
Chapter 228: You Better Not Attack for Real
Chapter 227: I Will Play You a Song
Chapter 226: Witness This Young Master's Grace
Chapter 225: Requesting to Meet Gong Qinyin
Chapter 224: Foolish Girl
Chapter 223: Do You Want to Increase Your Cultivation Speed?
Chapter 222: Conversation With Zi Changhe
Chapter 221: Lightning Alliance
Chapter 220: I'll Stay Then
Chapter 219: There Goes My Chastity
Chapter 218: Man's Affair
Chapter 217: Swatting Two Houseflies
Chapter 216: I Don't Want to Ruin Her Life
Chapter 215: Gathering of Brothers
Chapter 214: Tired of Living?
Chapter 213: Brother in Suffering
Chapter 212: Call Me Young Master From Now On
Chapter 211: Submit!
Chapter 210: Since You're Already Here, Stay
Chapter 209: Volcano Escape Plan
Chapter 208: Who's That Immoral Person
Chapter 207: Blaze Flower, Seven Scorching Sun Claws
Chapter 206: Let's Fuse
Chapter 205: Yun Flame
Chapter 204: Shall I Cultivate the Power of Flame?
Chapter 203: Flame Taming Technique
Chapter 202: Battling the Various Geniuses
Chapter 201: Flame Immune Human Skin
Chapter 200: Millennium Earthcore Fire
Chapter 199: Worked Hard for Nothing
Chapter 198: Qilin Arm
Chapter 197: The Profundity of Nether Soul Domain
Chapter 196: Drawing in Lightning
Chapter 195: Battling the Double Crimson Tyrants
Chapter 194: Flame Beast
Chapter 193: Starting the Earthcore Fire Search
Chapter 192: One Move Is All It Takes
Chapter 191: Chen Clan's Chen Zilong
Chapter 190: Arriving at the Flame Mountain
Chapter 189: Be My Bed Warming Maid
Chapter 188: Nether Dragon Soul Curse
Chapter 187: Your Killer Is Overlord Xiang
Chapter 186: Challenging Xie Sanqian
Chapter 185: I Am Overlord Xiang
Chapter 184: The Headband From the Ancient Forbidden Grounds
Chapter 183: Coldstar Stone
Chapter 182: Icesnow Fruit
Chapter 181: Before the Auction
Chapter 180: Earthcore Fire Search Preparation
Chapter 179: Tao Ran's Arrival
Chapter 178: Conflict
Chapter 177: Arrangement
Chapter 176: You Better Not
Chapter 175: Parting on Bad Terms
Chapter 174: Building a Spy Network
Chapter 173: Arriving at Cloud Margin City
Chapter 172: Saber Emperor Du Xuanhao
Chapter 171: Really Strong Senior
Chapter 170: Heavenly Eye Stone
Chapter 169: From Today Onward, There Are No More Redwolf Bandits
Chapter 168: You Are But Trash
Chapter 167: Fight For Principal
Chapter 166: You Are Best Suited for the Position of Principal
Chapter 165: Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky
Chapter 164: Devilspirit Sword
Chapter 163: Today, I'll Kill to My Heart's Content
Chapter 162: Challenging the Redwolf Bandits
Chapter 161: What Are You Waiting For? Surrender!
Chapter 160: All of You Deserve Death
Chapter 159: Thank You for Showing Leniency
Chapter 158: That Was Just Luck
Chapter 157: Comprehending the Dao
Chapter 156: Saber Intent
Chapter 155: Cultivating an Ultimate Technique
Chapter 154: Well Done!
Chapter 153: Who Told You I'm Running?
Chapter 152: You Have Been Surrounded
Chapter 151: I'm Accepting This Mission
Chapter 150: My Full Name Is Dong Ziwan
Chapter 149: Go Back, Shower, and Sleep
Chapter 148: Brain Devouring Bug
Chapter 147: Your Entire Family Are Crossdressers
Chapter 146: Zombie Slaying
Chapter 145: You're Crazy
Chapter 144: I Will Remember This!
Chapter 143: Time to Start a Fire
Chapter 142: You're the Boss
Chapter 141: The View Here Is Better
Chapter 140: Is He a Crossdresser?
Chapter 139: Separation of Brothers
Chapter 138: Ziling Sect
Chapter 137: It Is Jin Wo's Honor
Chapter 136: I Like the Fiercest Tigress
Chapter 135: Little White's Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 134: Inner Shaped Energy
Chapter 133: Various Treasures
Chapter 132: Second-Stage Transformation Realm
Chapter 131: Ninth-Stage Demon King
Chapter 130: White Tiger Demonic Soul
Chapter 129: Untimely Death
Chapter 128: You Are Treating Human Life Like Grass
Chapter 127: Play the Fool
Chapter 126: One Howl to Shake Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 125: The Legendary White Tiger Wings
Chapter 124: Breaking Through During Crisis
Chapter 123: Forced Into an Impasse
Chapter 122: Hunting Gold Serpentine Crocodiles
Chapter 121: Gold Serpentine Crocodile
Chapter 120: Reaching the Golden River Valley
Chapter 119: You Want Me to Keep Being the Dark Horse?
Chapter 118: Take My Trump Card
Chapter 117: Surrender, Girl
Chapter 116: I'll Blush
Chapter 115: The Boss Is Undefeated
Chapter 114: You Can Piss Off Again
Chapter 113: This Young Master Shall Trample on You One by One
Chapter 112: Repeated Defeat
Chapter 111: Battle Request
Chapter 110: Heading to the Golden River Valley
Chapter 109: Fight by Your Side
Chapter 108: Undefeated Overlord
Chapter 107: Rapid Kill
Chapter 106: This Little Fellow Holds a Grudge as Well
Chapter 105: Temper
Chapter 104: I'm Giving Him the Cold Shoulder
Chapter 103: They Are Not Worthy
Chapter 102: Massive Transformation
Chapter 101: Desperate Self Rescue
Chapter 100: Lightning Liquid
Chapter 99: Strike by Lightning
Chapter 98: Growing Without Restraint
Chapter 97: The Birth of a New King
Chapter 96: Is Little White an Imperial Species?
Chapter 95: You Are Challenging Me
Chapter 94: This Is Too Much
Chapter 93: Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique
Chapter 92: The Invulnerability of the Shameless
Chapter 91: Broken Saber
Chapter 90: You Dare to Not Reveal Yourself?
Chapter 89: Martial Palace Inheritance
Chapter 88: This Young Master Is Very Busy
Chapter 87: Battle of Towns
Chapter 86: Who Can Do It?
Chapter 85: I Hate Traitors The Most
Chapter 84: Kill
Chapter 83: Even More Shameless Than Robbing
Chapter 82: Black Gold
Chapter 81: Results of the Seclusion
Chapter 80: Useless
Chapter 79: Blood Eruption Technique
Chapter 78: Now an Overlord
Chapter 77: All of You Can Come at Once
Chapter 76: Before the Match
Chapter 75: Shit! I Really Wasn't Lying!
Chapter 74: Sister Chang'e
Chapter 73: I Will Be Fully Devoted!
Chapter 72: I Am Unhappy!
Chapter 71: I Hate This Bone!
Chapter 70: Old Drunkard Duo Ji
Chapter 69: Purple Bone
Chapter 68: Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill
Chapter 67: Search
Chapter 66: Kidnapped
Chapter 65: A Tad Bit Small
Chapter 64: The Child of Heaven Has Descended Upon the Mortal World
Chapter 63: Forget It
Chapter 62: Please Allow Me This, Young Master
Chapter 61: Old Man, You Are Indeed Useless!
Chapter 60: Born to Be King
Chapter 59: Second-Stage Astral Realm
Chapter 58: You Sure You Want to Challenge Another Room?
Chapter 57: Fourth Limit, Broken!
Chapter 56: Entering the Third Limit Room
Chapter 55: A Little Bit Worse Than Me
Chapter 54: Abuse of Authority
Chapter 53: This Young Master Is Never Afraid of Anyone
Chapter 52: Let Me First Break Your Legs!
Chapter 51: You Dare Bully This Young Master's Underling?
Chapter 50: Only Astral Realm
Chapter 49: I Might as Well Smash My Head Against a Tofu and Kill Myself
Chapter 48: My Senior Brother Sure Has an Attitude
Chapter 47: I'm Still Hurting!
Chapter 46: You're Courting Death!
Chapter 45: Fighting Head-On!
Chapter 44: Lightning Bolt Fist!
Chapter 43: I’ll Let Her See Me Next Time!
Chapter 42: Gong Qinyin!
Chapter 41: I’ve Actually Run Into a Dead End!
Chapter 40: Reaching the Earth Star Spring, Breaking Through to the Astral Realm!
Chapter 39: Low-Grade Spirit Medicine: Blood Mushroom King!
Chapter 38: This Young Master Will Kill You!
Chapter 37: Riches Are Found in the Midst of Danger!
Chapter 36: Injury!
Chapter 35: Rushing to the Earth Star Spring!
Chapter 34: Healing Wounds!
Chapter 33: My First Time!
Chapter 32: Blue Marten!
Chapter 31: This Young Master Cannot Look After You!
Chapter 30: Reaching Hundred Beast Mountain Range!
Chapter 29: A Lucky Escape!
Chapter 28: People Flee at the Sight of Trouble!
Chapter 27: Star Destroying Finger!
Chapter 26: Earth Star Spring!
Chapter 25: He Is My Prince Charming!
Chapter 24: Breaking the Limits!
Chapter 23: Hall of Limits, Second Room!
Chapter 22: Good Thing This Young Master Is Quick Witted!
Chapter 21: I’ll Defeat Him Again!
Chapter 20: I’ll Defeat You in Three Moves!
Chapter 19: Prelude to the Battle!
Chapter 18: Concocting Medicinal Solutions!
Chapter 17: I’ll Remember This Whip!
Chapter 16: A Conspiracy Appears!
Chapter 15: I’m Very Hurt!
Chapter 14: Deliberately Siding With Him!
Chapter 13: Heaven-defying Comprehension Ability!
Chapter 12: I, Xiang Shaoyun, Will Look After You From Now On!
Chapter 11: What a Snob!
Chapter 10: If You Don’t Let Me Eat, You Die!
Chapter 9: This Brat Is Definitely a Masochist!!
Chapter 8: Challenging One’s Limits!
Chapter 7: Nine Stars Shake the Heavens!
Chapter 6: Ain’t That the Damn Truth!
Chapter 5: What a Cute Little Girl!
Chapter 4: Fighting for a Disciple!
Chapter 3: Five Stars Illuminating the Sky!
Chapter 2: Master, I Will Broaden Your Horizons!
Chapter 1: A Genius Only Seen Every Hundred Years?