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Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master\'s Wife-Chasing Strategy

Author: Yuechu Jiaojiao

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Updated: 2022-01-28 22:45:08

Latest chapter: Chapter 350 - Third Master Instakills His Love Rival Again, His Heart Is Shattered

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《Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master\'s Wife-Chasing Strategy》Latest chapter
Chapter 350 - Third Master Instakills His Love Rival Again, His Heart Is Shattered
Chapter 349 - Old Cured Meat vs. Little Fresh Meat, Love Talk Offensive
Chapter 348 - Interrupting Something Good, Third Master Frightens the Little Girl to Cry
Chapter 347 - Third Uncle Is Too Heartbreaking, Kissing Her Openly
Chapter 346 - Wanwan Enters School, Third Master Pretends to Be Young?
Chapter 345 - : Wanwan Enters the Capital Again: Third Brother, I'm Here
Chapter 344 - Cousin Tortures Scum, Almost Broke His Life
Chapter 343 - Heaven's Favored, Kneeling and Begging for Mercy
Chapter 342 - Third Master Acts Coquettishly, Too Shameful
Chapter 341 - Combo Attack, Complete Destruction
Chapter 340 - Great Gods Join Forces to Destroy Scum, Third Master Continues to Create Trouble
Chapter 339 - Strength Crushes Scum, The Tempo of Someone Dying
《Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master\'s Wife-Chasing Strategy》' main text
Chapter 350 - Third Master Instakills His Love Rival Again, His Heart Is Shattered
Chapter 349 - Old Cured Meat vs. Little Fresh Meat, Love Talk Offensive
Chapter 348 - Interrupting Something Good, Third Master Frightens the Little Girl to Cry
Chapter 347 - Third Uncle Is Too Heartbreaking, Kissing Her Openly
Chapter 346 - Wanwan Enters School, Third Master Pretends to Be Young?
Chapter 345 - : Wanwan Enters the Capital Again: Third Brother, I'm Here
Chapter 344 - Cousin Tortures Scum, Almost Broke His Life
Chapter 343 - Heaven's Favored, Kneeling and Begging for Mercy
Chapter 342 - Third Master Acts Coquettishly, Too Shameful
Chapter 341 - Combo Attack, Complete Destruction
Chapter 340 - Great Gods Join Forces to Destroy Scum, Third Master Continues to Create Trouble
Chapter 339 - Strength Crushes Scum, The Tempo of Someone Dying
Chapter 338 - Devious Third Master Creates Trouble, Adding Fuel to the Fire
Chapter 337 - Vicious and Mudslinging, Everyone is Furious
Chapter 336 - Wedding, Accident
Chapter 335 - A Late Child, So Nervous That He Stutters
Chapter 334 - Aunt Qiao Is…?
Chapter 333 - The College Entrance Examination Results Are Out, All of Me Is Yours
Chapter 332 - Too Tempting
Chapter 331 - Duan Lang: I Didn't Mess Around with Fu Sinian's Wife
Chapter 330 - Old Madam Yan Is Furious, Get Lost if You Want to be Shameless
Chapter 329 - Kicking Up a Huge Fuss in the Yan Residence, Shameless Mother and Daughter Want an Explanation
Chapter 328 - Third Master's Night Attack
Chapter 327 - Third Master and Wanwan, Deceiving People Without Even Blinking
Chapter 326 - Mother Qiao Is Protective, Third Master Arrives
Chapter 325 - Joining Forces to Punish the Scumbag, Wanwan Shows Her Might
Chapter 324 - Wanwan Is a Devil, The Scene Is Exciting and Highly Shocking
Chapter 323 - Third Master and Wanwan, Joining Forces for the First Time
Chapter 322 - Third Master's Scheme, I Didn't Seduce Sister-in-Law
Chapter 321 - Wanwan Is Being Threatened, Acting Like A Chaste Woman
Chapter 320 - Third Master: Destroying The Mind
Chapter 319 - Flirting Under the Water, Wanwan Snitches
Chapter 318 - Third Master: Duan Lang, Come to My Room Tonight
Chapter 317 - Destroying Trash, Wanwan Kills the Enemy To Establish Might
Chapter 316 - : Wanwan Rebukes Her, So Harsh and Sharp that She's Overwhelmed
Chapter 315 - Your Daughter Is a Thief, Langlang Is Dumbfounded from Fright
Chapter 314 - Being Slapped in the Face while Showing off One's Superiority, Slandering Wanwan as a Thief
Chapter 313 - The Little Girl Is Too Ruthless, Getting Kicked After Failing to Score
Chapter 312 - Wanwan Shows Off Her Figure, Er'Lang Hits on Sister-in-Law?
Chapter 311 - First Entry to Nanjiang; Beach, Handsome Men, Bikini
Chapter 310 - Fu Chen Is Your Uncle, You Have to Respect and Be Filial to Him
Chapter 309 - A Fine Pair of Actors, Third Master Rebukes Senior Brother
Chapter 308 - Wanwan Is Very Demanding after Getting Drunk, The Dumb Prodigal Sings ‘Conquer'
Chapter 307 - Wanwan Is Made to Drink
Chapter 306 - Senior Brother Is Delighted to Obtain the Certificate, The Position Is Too Wicked
Chapter 305 - Wanwan Looks For Third Master Thousands of Miles Away
Chapter 304 - Wanwan Buys A Plane Ticket, Looking for Third Master?
Chapter 303 - Senior Brother Proposes, Let's Get Married Tomorrow
Chapter 302 - College Entrance Examination, Third Master Is Even More Nervous Than An Old Father
Chapter 301 - The Seductress Blushes, So Cute He Wants to Touch Her
Chapter 300 - Fu Sinian: It's Impossible for Her to Become Your Wife
Chapter 299 - No Desire
Chapter 298 - Angrily Rebuked and Kicked Out: Wears Human Skin but Doesn't Behave Humanely
Chapter 297 - This Is The Fu Family, Not the Place For Outsiders To Act Atrociously
Chapter 296 - Dumbfounded Senior Brother, Guarding Against Third Master Sneaking In
Chapter 295 - Senior Brother is Very Brutal, Your Family's Dog
Chapter 294 - Third Master's Planning, Want to Kill Him
Chapter 293 - Third Master's Niece Is Very Outstanding? This Is Murder
Chapter 292 - Third Master Holds the Parent-Teacher Meeting, This Is My Uncle
Chapter 291 - Stroll Around the Small Forest, Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 290 - Hundredth-day Pledge Ceremony, Went to See My Wife
Chapter 289 - Little Angel Niannian, She Likes Every Single Inch
Chapter 288 - Little Fish? She Might be a Shark
Chapter 287 - : Wanwan Is Bad At Handicrafts?
Chapter 286 - Valentine's Day
Chapter 285 - Bring Her Back to Her Room, Valentine's Day Ring
Chapter 284 - The Perfume Scent on Senior Brother Doesn't Belong to Me
Chapter 283 - Third Master Is Very Clingy?
Chapter 282 - Senior Brother Exercises Self-Restraint, Wanwan Has a Rendezvous with Someone in the Middle of the Night?
Chapter 281 - Second Master is Furious, Sweeps Out the Door
Chapter 280 - Refined Yet Domineering: Dissatisfied? Come Find Me
Chapter 279 - Third Master's Birth, There Are Traps Everywhere
Chapter 278 - Second Master Fu, A Man of His Word
Chapter 277 - A Mess, Ms. Qiao is Suspected of Murder?
Chapter 276 - Making A Move Without Making A Sound
Chapter 275 - After Abstinence, A Large-Scale Disco Scene
Chapter 274 - Senior Brother Is Very Awesome
Chapter 273 - Little Fish Sneaks a Kiss, Senior Brother Shows Off Flashily
Chapter 272 - Lunar New Year's Eve
Chapter 271 - Intimate Contact, Not Worthy of Him
Chapter 270 - Little Fish Is Very Fierce and Aggressive
Chapter 269 - Third Master Is a Good Father, Niannian Is Jealous
Chapter 268 - Kissing While Being Peeped At, Killing to Silence?
Chapter 267 - Third Master Is Mocked by Senior Brother?
Chapter 266 - Third Master's Support: Your Sun Family Wants to Move Mountains
Chapter 265 - Rebuked for Slandering Wanwan, Getting Slapped in the Face Instead
Chapter 264 - Senior Brother Yan's Protectiveness, You've Come To The Wrong Place To Behave Atrociously
Chapter 263 - Third Master, A Celestial Figure, Even More like a Demon
Chapter 262 - Good Samaritan Mr. Yan, Third Master Kicks Qian Jiang
Chapter 261 - Scandal Exposed in the Entire City, Suffering the Consequences of Their Own Actions
Chapter 260 - Wanwan Is a Little Tiger, Fierce and Ruthless
Chapter 259 - Dirty Tricks, Luring Wanwan into a Trap
Chapter 258 - Entering the Condo, Call Me If Anything Happens
Chapter 257 - Both I and My Cat Like You
Chapter 256 - Yan Family's Nephew, New Love Rival?
Chapter 255 - Conversation Terminator, Wanwan Breaks Down
Chapter 254 - The Xu Family Disputes, Duan Lang's Heart Hurts
Chapter 253 - Incredibly Handsome
Chapter 252 - When Deities Fight, Do You Not Want Niannian Anymore?
Chapter 251 - Meeting the Parents? Third Master Is Devious and Deceptive
Chapter 250 - Goodbye, Reluctant to Part
Chapter 249 - Niannian Has Fish to Eat, Coaxes and Tempts Her
Chapter 248 - Wanwan's Worries
Chapter 247 - Senior Brother Is Very Nervous, Wasted An Opportunity
Chapter 246 - Senior Brother Quits Smoking and Prepares for Pregnancy
Chapter 245 - Third Master Was Stabbed, His Biological Sister Stabbed Him in the Back
Chapter 244 - Third Master: I Allow You to Call Her Aunt
Chapter 243 - Relationship Got Discovered? Nephew Is Scared Stupid
Chapter 242 - The Domineering and Fierce Big Sister Fu
Chapter 241 - Third Master Attacks Second Sister-in-Law, Very Fierce and Domineering
Chapter 240 - Old Madam Fu Mismatches a Couple, Third Master Is Jealous
Chapter 239 - The Seductress Is Here to Stay
Chapter 238 - Fu Xinhan Beats Up A Scumbag, Biting Someone to Death without Paying for It with His Life
Chapter 237 - Not Revealing
Chapter 236 - Encountering the Seductress Again, Want to Destroy Her
Chapter 235 - Duan Lang Acts Shamelessly, Not Acknowledging It after Doing It?
Chapter 234 - By June, If You Marry Me, I'll Marry You
Chapter 233 - Gentle Offensive, Senior Brother Forces Marriage?
Chapter 232 - Third Master Was Lectured, Senior Brother Proposes Again
Chapter 231 - Third Master Gets Embarrassed Too?
Chapter 230 - Little Southern Barbarian, Third Master's Nephew
Chapter 229 - Forcing Her Love Rival Back, Wanwan's Overpowering Dominance
Chapter 228 - Wanwan: Your Man? Then, Come and Snatch Him
Chapter 227 - Woman, You Have Attracted My Attention
Chapter 226 - Calamity From the Fu Family, A Restless Seductress
Chapter 225 - Slandering Third Master? Fu Sinian's Deterrence
Chapter 224 - Under the Eaves
Chapter 223 - Let Me Introduce to You, This Is Your Third Aunt
Chapter 222 - Fu Sinian Reprimands Wanwan? What Nerve
Chapter 221 - The Blind Date Is Unsuccessful, Pushing the Blame to the Heavens
Chapter 220 - The Eldest Grandson of the Fu Family, Taciturn and Wild
Chapter 219 - Not Even Letting Off a Dog
Chapter 218 - Let's Directly Live Together
Chapter 217 - Third Master Tricked Senior Brother Yan
Chapter 216 - Third Master's Tenderness, Huai Sheng Is Responsible for Keeping Watch
Chapter 215 - Slap: You Self-Degrading Thing
Chapter 214 - Throw Her Out!
Chapter 213 - Back To Get The Marriage Certificate; Love You But Doesn't Say It, Just Does It
Chapter 212 - Third Master Plays Tricks Behind His Back and Gets Caught
Chapter 211 - Domineering Uncle
Chapter 210 - Senior Brother and Ms. Qiao, Persistence Brings Success
Chapter 209 - Wanwan's Assist
Chapter 208 - Third Master's Comforting, Senior Brother's Embarrassment
Chapter 207 - The Third Master Defends Someone's Shortcomings, The Little Monk Is Scheming and Likes to Trick Others
Chapter 206 - Third Master Teams Up with Senior Brother, Completely Destroying the Scum
Chapter 205 - Villains Collude, Likely Courting Death
Chapter 204 - The Shy Senior Brother Yan, The Song Group's Bankruptcy
Chapter 203 - Senior Brother: I'm in Good Health and Can Have Children
Chapter 202 - Younger Sibling? Wanwan is Dumbfounded
Chapter 201 - Third Master: I Can't Bear to Let You Go
Chapter 200 - Third Master: You're Very Pretty, I Want to Hug You
Chapter 199 - White Lotus Playing Tricks, Uncle Getting Angry
Chapter 198 - Third Master Is Too Evil, He Damages His Nephew and Frightens the Young Lady
Chapter 197 - Fu Xinhan
Chapter 196 - Blind
Chapter 195 - Duan Linbai? I Didn't F*ck Him!
Chapter 194 - Senior Brother Yan: Wanwan, We're Family
Chapter 193 - Wanwan Takes the Initiative to Kiss Third Master, Senior Brother Forces Marriage
Chapter 192 - Senior Brother Is Very Unreasonable
Chapter 191 - Senior Brother Gets Drunk, I Want To Marry You
Chapter 190 - Avalanche: Fu Chen Goes Missing, Wanwan Breaks Down
Chapter 189 - Uncle Qiao vs. Senior Brother, Stupid Fool
Chapter 188 - Consider Me, On the Premise of Marriage
Chapter 187 - Old Madam Yan Is Here, Image of a Shrew
Chapter 186 - New Year's Resolutions: Get Rich and Lose Weight
Chapter 185 - Third Master: Don't You Want to Woo Me? Give It a Try?
Chapter 184 - New Year's Eve, Consider Me
Chapter 183 - Senior Brother Yan's Awakening? The Earnest Little Monk
Chapter 182 - Inarticulate Senior Brother, Duan Lang vs. Huai Sheng
Chapter 181 - Several Encirclements, Breakdown from Pressure
Chapter 180 - Leave the Marriage with Nothing, Screw Him Over Completely
Chapter 179 - Uncle Qiao Works Out a Plan to Kill the Scumbag Father
Chapter 178 - Uncle vs. Senior Brother Yan, Deities Fight
Chapter 177 - Third Master: Didn't You Miss Me?
Chapter 176 - Mad Qiao: Very Controlled, Didn't Take His Dog Life
Chapter 175 - Uncle Arrives: Don't Touch the Knife? I'll Try
Chapter 174 - Yan Wangchuan: This Man Is Too Manly
Chapter 173 - Beat The Scumbag Up Hard, You're Not Worthy of Touching the Qiao Family
Chapter 172 - Punishing a Scumbag: Never Allowed to Turn His Life Around
Chapter 171 - The Third Master Is Too Scheming, Kabedoning Wanwan
Chapter 170 - Calculated Scheme
Chapter 169 - Third Master: Do You Have A Death Wish? Then Send Him Off
Chapter 168 - Teasing Senior Brother Yan? Bearing a Grudge Against Third Master
Chapter 167 - Senior Brother Yan: Outwardly Cold But Passionate Deep Within, Innocent and Stubborn
Chapter 166 - Senior Brother Yan Is Ruthless, Make Him Go Out Horizontally
Chapter 165 - Beating the Scumbag Father Up
Chapter 164 - Senior Brother Yan Is Shy? Slapping the Scumbag Father
Chapter 163 - Senior Brother's Infiltration, Someone Without Any Ideas
Chapter 162 - Cousin vs. Senior Brother Yan, Suffering Bullying
Chapter 161 - Third Master: Don't Cry When the Time Comes
Chapter 160 - Secretly Touching Her Hands, Senior Brother Yan's Warning
Chapter 159 - Third Master's Confession: I Like You
Chapter 158 - Wanwan's First Awakening of Love, Third Master Is Jealous
Chapter 157 - A True Kiss, Merry Christmas
Chapter 156 - Third Master Was Kicked? Wanwan Is Too Bold
Chapter 155 - Third Master Likes to Tease Wanwan, Bad Hobby
Chapter 154 - The Secret Between the Two of Them, I Kind of Like Him
Chapter 153 - I'll Be Waiting for You at Our Usual Place
Chapter 152 - Little Monk Helps Out, Big Sister Likes You
Chapter 151 - Wanwan Becomes Angry, Third Master's Intentions Are Exposed?
Chapter 150 - Third Master: How Many Times?
Chapter 149 - Sleeping Together on the Same Bed
Chapter 148 - Third Master: Wanwan
Chapter 147 - Third Master: I Care About You and Like You
Chapter 146 - Third Master: Wanwan, Do You Like Me?
Chapter 145 - : Duan Lang vs. Cousin, Suffering Disdain
Chapter 144 - Third Master: You Provoked Me First
Chapter 143 - Third Master's Reprimand: Vicious Methods, Makes My Hair Stand on End
Chapter 142 - Barging Into the Cheng Family, Arrogant Young Master Duan
Chapter 141 - Cunning and Insidious Methods, Destroying the Cheng Family
Chapter 140 - The Arrogant Third Master Fu
Chapter 139 - Something's Happened To Wanwan, Beat the Hell Out of Them
Chapter 138 - Courting Death? Send Her To Her Death
Chapter 137 - Third Master: Come Closer, You're So Obedient
Chapter 136 - Fleeing
Chapter 135 - Wanwan: I Feel Like I've Gone Down The Wrong Road
Chapter 134 - Third Master: The Most Handsome Man in the Capital
Chapter 133 - Third Master Getting Rushed To Get Married, Single Dog vs. Poodle
Chapter 132 - Choosing Presents, Not As Fun As Sister-In-Law
Chapter 131 - Third Master: Unreasonable, Childish Old Man
Chapter 130 - Threatening and Bribing, Shameless Old Man
Chapter 129 - Repaying the Debt With My Body, Call Me Third Brother
Chapter 128 - Be My Person?
Chapter 127 - Go to Third Master's Room?
Chapter 126 - Third Master vs. Cousin, Another Confrontation
Chapter 125 - Cousin Is Very Ruthless, Let Him Go Out Horizontally
Chapter 124 - Cousin Is Here, Strong But Short-lived
Chapter 123 - Wanwan Is Very Domineering: You Owe Me an Apology
Chapter 122 - Wanwan: If I Didn't Have Any Manners, I Would Have Slapped You Long Ago.
Chapter 121 - Seeking Refuge, Duan Lang Leaves the Capital Overnight
Chapter 120 - Northern Men Dote on Their Wives
Chapter 119 - What Does Third Master Want To Do?
Chapter 118 - Third Master Is Flirting? Your Heartbeat Is Very Fast
Chapter 117 - Date? Your Boyfriend Is Really Handsome
Chapter 116 - Third Master's Support
Chapter 115 - Wanwan Gets Criticized
Chapter 114 - Duan Lang Flirting? Beaten Until Hospitalized
Chapter 113 - Don't Be Nervous, Wanwan
Chapter 112 - Duan Lang Brings Wanwan To Drink Alcohol?
Chapter 111 - Third Master: Behave
Chapter 110 - Fair-Skinned Beauty With Long Legs, Wanwan is Jealous
Chapter 109 - Third Master's Going On A Blind Date? Duan Xiaolang Creates Trouble
Chapter 108 - Third Master's Tricks Are Far Up His Sleeve, Instantly Knocks Out His Love Rival
Chapter 107 - Not Taking Responsibility, That is a Bad Habit
Chapter 106 - Coaxing
Chapter 105 - Wanwan's Revenge
Chapter 104 - Wanwan: I'm Not Interested
Chapter 103 - Stay Away From Him
Chapter 102 - Third Master Forgets Everything Because He Was Drunk? Wanwan Is Furious
Chapter 101 - Going Too Far
Chapter 100 - Third Master is Jealous, Using Alcohol to Carry Out an Act
Chapter 99 - Wearing A Couple's Outfit, Very Showy
Chapter 98 - I Won't Be Polite If You Look Again
Chapter 97 - Staying in a Room Together, Something's Going To Happen
Chapter 96 - In a World of Their Own, Staying the Night Outside
Chapter 95 - Third Master Starts Flirting: Don't Be Afraid, You Have Me
Chapter 94 - Sever Relationship, Killing by Indirect Means
Chapter 93 - Asking For It, Things That Are Beaten Up
Chapter 92 - Reincarnation of a Jealousy Spirit, Third Master Kills to Silence
Chapter 91 - Openly
Chapter 90 - Third Master and Senior Brother Yan Join Forces to Woo Their Wives
Chapter 89 - Looked Down on Them Before, Now They're Out of His League
Chapter 88 - Third Master vs. Senior Brother Yan, Undercurrent
Chapter 87 - Little White Dragon in the Waves, Third Master is Threatened
Chapter 86 - Third Master: Very Dangerous
Chapter 85 - Senior Brother Yan: A Ruthless Man of Few Words Directly Takes Action
Chapter 84 - Kick the Scumbag Hard; If He Dies, I'll Take Responsibility
Chapter 83 - Miserable Ending, The Mysterious Man
Chapter 82 - Powerfully Destroying Trash, Simple and Crude
Chapter 81 - The Second Madam of the Fu Family Flares Up on the Spot
Chapter 80 - A Slap in the Face, The Evil Young Master Duan
Chapter 79 - Divorce, Third Master's Female Confidante?
Chapter 78 - Wanwan Destroys Trash: You're A Thief If You Take Something Without Asking
Chapter 77 - Slapping the Scum Father, You Disgust Me
Chapter 76 - Filiation Banquet, Everyone Gathers in Yuncheng
Chapter 75 - Third Master's Slyness, Beyond Godlike
Chapter 74 - You're Ruthless, Don't Blame Me For Being Ruthless
Chapter 73 - Public Opinion, Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Chapter 72 - Group Fight, Femme Fatale
Chapter 71 - Someone Confesses to Wanwan, Love Rival Appears
Chapter 70 - First Appearance of the Conspiracy
Chapter 69 - Third Master: She is So Obedient, I Love It
Chapter 68 - Don't Hide, Look at Me
Chapter 67 - Threatening; Noble Dog, Cheap Person
Chapter 66 - Fu Xinhan Bites Someone, Scared This Dog to Death
Chapter 65 - Not Enough?
Chapter 64 - Embracing Each Other to Sleep
Chapter 63 - She is Ultimately Still the Fu Family's Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 62 - Third Master is Very Handsome
Chapter 61 - Third Master: A Good Man to Be a Husband and Spend Your Life With
Chapter 60 - Making His Girlfriend Happy
Chapter 59 - First Time Meeting Mother-In-Law, Third Master Leaves a Good Impression
Chapter 58 - Hold Tightly
Chapter 57 - Wanwan Is Emotionally Hurt, Third Master's Panic
Chapter 56 - Mama Song Takes Action, Lays It Into and Beats the Little White Flower
Chapter 55 - Unilaterally No Longer Single, Mother-in-Law Has Arrived
Chapter 54 - Third Master: I Want to Take a Bite
Chapter 53 - : Old Master Fu is Furious, Executes Punishment
Chapter 52 - Heart Is Leaping with Joy, But Looks Calm on the Outside
Chapter 51 - Third Master, So Handsome He Makes One's Scalp Tingle
Chapter 50 - You're Still Quite Young
Chapter 49 - You and the Fu Family: Not Acclimated and Not Compatible
Chapter 48 - Old Madam Makes a Move; Worse Than a Dog
Chapter 47 - She Doesn't Have the Fate for It, Yet She Still Wants to Reach the Sky in a Single Step
Chapter 46 - Flirting, Fu Xinhan is a Scheming Dog
Chapter 45 - The Clothes Fell Off
Chapter 44 - Can't Take it Anymore
Chapter 43 - Guarding Third Master's Little Wife, Trouble Comes Knocking on the Door
Chapter 42 - Third Master Flirts, Wanwan Escapes
Chapter 41 - Intimidating the Love Rival, A Certain Dog is Going to Go to Heaven
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