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Earth some where in the desert

"Did you really think you could defeat me Kakarot. It will be impossible once I finish my transformation. Only another saiyan elite could possibly stand a chance!"

Screamed a man with a receding hairline that was quickly growning in size, transforming into a colossal ape.

"Damnit Goku we have to hurry up and destroy the artificial moon to knock him out of his transformation!"

Said frantically by a balled midg...little person with 6 stars on his head.

"Your right Krillin I will go stall him while you and Gohan destroy the moon"

Whispered quietly by the man named Goku, to his friend as he flew in the air charging like a bull too red at the ape thats almost done transforming.

"Alright I'll try Goku"

Krillin said nervously as he prepared to do his Martial arts school signature move.

"Hey Vegeta take this Haaaa"

Shouted Goku as he launched a Ki orb at his opponent. Even though it hit the monster took no damage.

"Hahahhaa fool did you really think that tiny Ki blast could harm me. Here let me show you something more powerful


He screamed out as a large ki beam shot out of his enlarged mouth, heading straight for our hero. But of course it would not hit goku because he was to fast and dodged it.

"Whoa that was a really close one"

Said Goku as he watched the beam go far into the distance as he heard a familar shout from too people he cared for.

Meanwhile Foku was stalling Krillin said to Gohan

"Hey buddy are you ready to destroy this thing"

As he got into a familar stance.

"Yeah lets do this"

Said Gohan as he prepared his own creation.


"Masenko Haaaaaa"

As they watched the beam ascend to the sky they all heard a loud...


"Is it gone"

Said Gohan nervously

"Hahahahaha did you actually thought that weak attack would work foolish. You're not even stronger than me so how can you destroy something i created"

"Ooh no it didn't wirk what do we do now Goku"

Said a scared Krillin as he shivered in fear. Thinking quickly Goku said...

"We have no choice but to try to cut off his tail Krillin you have to use that move"

"What move?... Ohh that one ok Goku"

Nervous vibes still coming from his voice as he got in to a stance with one arm raised to the sky.

"Hey Vegeta look over here



Screeched Vegeta as he held his eye balls

"Now Krillin do it"

"Alright Goku here goes nothing DESTRUCTO DISC!"


As the disc of death zoomed towards Vegetas tail everyone watched in anticipation, As Vegeta shocked them with a front side flip to dodge the disk.

"Nooo it missed"

Cried out Gohan in fear as he stumbled back and fell on his butt.

"Hahahaha idiots i heard your entire plan you weren't going to trick me like that"

Vegeta did an evil laugh as he was almost completely recovered from Goku's attack.

"Now its time fo AAAAHHH MY TAIL WHA

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