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The next morning when Ema woke up after crying for the whole night she was very "Isn't he my brother?, Why did he kiss me?, Why was he so annoyed?, Why was he so rude?", these were the the thoughts that ran around Ema's mind. But keeping those aside she got ready and prepared some food for her father who was sick for 4 months now, he was the only one who was her stepfather but loved her just like his own daughter, so Ema wanted to repay him by taking care of him because she loved her father and her brother more than anyone,"but brother has changed" she muttered it, "Oh I get it, I guess Brother was worried about father that's why he returned early" Ema thought this with a smile, "Oh wait! Why am I thinking about that jerk again!" she said that in a half annoyed tone, "Anyway" by saying that she smiled and took the food to her father's room only to find the person she least wanted to see that time "Ugh ! Brother!!" she thought in her mind, anyway she entered the room and her brother was giving her a death stare "Oh! Ema !! You are here , I missed you so much! why didn't you come yesterday?" her father said happily, "Oh! I am sorry father, some dog bit me yesterday" she said while staring back at her brother and putting down the food, her brother seemed very enraged, and Ema let out a small laugh by seeing her brother's expression. "A dog?! Did it hurt you?!" her father said in a worried expression totally clueless of the thing that she was actually implying to. "Ok father. I will leave now" she said but while she was leaving her father said "Oh Ema can you clean the study for me please. It really needs cleaning and you know I don't like the servents to touch my books!" her father requested, "Of coarse father" Ema replied while smiling and went to the study for cleaning.


2 hours later :-

After cleaning the study , she saw her brother studying a book while standing beside the door, Ema tried to ignore him and tried to get out of there , but when she was leaving her brother grabbed her by her wrist and pinned her on the wall and closed the door, "What the?! What are you doing" Ema shouted at him angrily, "Who said you could shout at me? By the way how dare you call me a dog?" her brother said while looking at her intensely , "Why aren't you a dog?Who kissed his own sister?" she said while looking completely annoyed , "Well you are just a bimbo who doesn't know how to behave herself. You go on making boyfriends without thinking about the Jones company once. Go break up with that dumb Harry Washington, or it wont be good for you" her brother said angrily while tightening his grip on her wrist, "Oh! It hurts brother just let it and don't talk shit about about Harry when you don't even know him, and I wont break up with because it has nothing to do with you" she said while successfully releasing from his grip "Nothing to do with me?" her brother said . "Yes we are Brother-Sister ! know your limits damnit !" she said that angrily "Brother-Sister?" her brother muttered that and when Ema was leaving she saw a pained look at her brother's face which really confused her and she was feeling a little bad for talking to him like that.

*will be continued*

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