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Mael was playing, with the headset on top so he would not hear another one of the many fights in his house.

- I won!!! Mael shouted after passing the boss. Not that this was the first time he had won, on the contrary, the boy had already finished the game several times, he had reached a point where he already knew all the guns, enemies and bosses.

The boy was going to click on "new game" when a bottle of empty beer was crumpled on his back, he moans in pain and his eyes begin to tear, his father goes towards him, he pulls the headset over the wire, it breaks, he raises his hand and punches the boy's face.

"Who told you to disturb my conversation with your mother?" he asks, preparing to punch him again.

-I hate you! he shouts and starts to run.

He runs off through the city, through some streets, some alleys. Mael was already far from home, when the young man went to cross a corner heard a noise, Bang!

He get hited by a truck.

Everything went dark, he could not hear anything around him. Slowly he starts to hear some noises

P.O.V (Mael)

"It's getting harder and harder to win gems, that way I will not be able to pay the rent."

(In thought) - what? Gems? Wtf?...

"But also, the fifth-floor mini-boss is impossible.

(In the thought) -Mini-boss?

While listening to this conversation a female voice echoes through the room

-swordman, have you woken up ?!

I open my eyes and see a beautiful girl with pink hair and beautiful blue eyes going towards me.

-You slept in the middle of the dungeon! Then I brought you here, "she says as she leaps over my hip and rides me.

-Hmm? "I look at her, and when I notice the cleavage on her blanket, chorus- whaaaat?!

... Eh ... Ah ... What are you doing - I ask with the red face like a pepper, I had never felt the body of a woman before and had talked to very few girls before.

"Uh ... What happened to you swordman?" She asked, putting her finger to his lips.

"Are you all right, man?" "A guy wearing a rabbit mask and a dagger at his waist."

"Assassin, he's weird," the girl says, rolling her body around his hip.

-A murder ?! I ask scared.

-Yeah, he's really weird, apprentice.

"Wait, where am I?" -I look around me and see I'm lying on a couch in a large and medium-sized room, around me there was everything: a table, a chair, a refrigerator, and even a machine that looked like a slot machine.

There were several people in the room, they held guns, swords, and even staff.

The "Apprentice" comes out of me (crap), I sit down and think ... Where am I, wait, I was kidnapped ?!

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