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zdmlo > A Reluctant Overlord > 1 Beginning again after the end.
A man in a suit with a protective gas mask on his face returns home and is about to scan his hand to get into his house but he stops and notices his front door is already unlocked. He pulls out the gun his brother made and gave to him he powers it up causing a humming sound to come from it and enters his house cautiously clearing the rooms in his house but he finds nobody he then looks around to see if anything is missing but doesn't see anything out of place. "TOMAS!" A voice yells from behind him causing him to jump and pull the trigger by mistake shooting the wall in front of himself leaving a smoking hole in his wall. "NEVER DO THAT! You scared the living daylights out of me... I know im already dying you dont need to speed up the process!" Tom says to his brother holding his chest as his heart beats erratically. "I'll stop whenever you stop breathing." His brother says to him with a smile. "I dont think death would even stop me from getting scared by you, Sebastian... Wait how the hell did you get into my house this time? I bought a state of the art security system." Tom asks Sebastian holstering his gun.

"pft, state of the art I got through that in forty seconds. All that state of the art means is just an extra three seconds." Sebastian says walking over to Tom's dive machine opening a panel on the side he pulls out a welding device as Tom begins to stumble around and nearly fall over he leans on a nearby table. "Sebastian could you get me my medicine, please." Tom asks Sebastian who sighs and stands up walking to a different room after a short while returning with a syringe. "Hand it here please." Tom says reaching out as his skin becomes more and pale but Sebastian just jams it in Tom's neck "OW SHIT!" Tom says as Sebastian presses the plunger down then pulls the needle out of his neck. "If I gave you the needle you would just take forever to inject yourself." Sebastian says going back to Tom's dive machine and finishes whatever he was doing. "Wait why are you even messing with my dive machine?" Tom asks Sebastian who closes the panel. "Well, im rigging it to explode the next time you use it... Oh and if you see a will that says that everything goes to me when you die just ignore it." Sebastian says which mildly concerns Tom. "You know if you were anybody else I would laugh at that." Tom says cautiously as he sits down on his dive machine.

"Do you think you can get home in time to log in one last time?" Tom asks Sebastian he thinks for a moment. "I should if I break all the traffic laws and run over anybody who gets in my way." Sebastian says which causes Tom to laugh nervously he places the dive machines helmet on his head then plugs the dive machines cord into the port on the back of his neck after a moment there's a flash of light logging him into Yggdrasil as soon as the light fades he blinks a couple of times now in his guildhalls throne room he looks around nostalgically as the white marble floors and the red banners which have every guild members likeness on them he stares at the six banners for a while before looking for the NPC's which should be in the throne room. "Where are they?" Tom asks to himself he decides to walk out of the throne room into the connecting hallway he walks all around the guild for twenty minutes trying to find the NPC's but can't find them anywhere. "TOMAS!" Sebastian says from behind Tom again scaring him once more.

"DAMN IT! Stop. Doing. That." Tom says to Sebastian who he turns around to see his avatar tall long white coat and long white spikey hair with red lizardlike eyes. "Wait how the hell did you get home so fast?" Tom asks Sebastian. "I ran over a guy who was in the middle of the road and I ran all of the red lights." Sebastian says as an alert pops up in front of the two talking about a hit and run. "Damn it, Sebastian. STOP KILLING PEOPLE!" Tom says then walks away searching the guild hall as the clock is just about to hit twelve Tom quickly enters his personal

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