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"C'mon give me your luggage!" Said the stranger.

Oliver gave him his luggage and hopped in as the train doors closed.

"Well that was close, right Sami." Said Oliver.

Oliver looked around to find Sami, but only to see no one there.

"Sami!?" Oliver exclaimed. "Where'd he go!"

"Hey, hey," Whispered the stranger clasping his hands over my mouth. "Can you quiet down, people are starting to stare. If something happened, just follow me whilst explaining. Also, my name is Gugs Ssalg, how about you?"

Oliver stared at him for a second and then took a deep breath. "My name is Oliver, Oliver J.(Jack) Joseph. And the reason why I'm freaking out, is because my friend didn't get on the train as the doors closed, we need to get the train to turn around!"

"No can do," Said Gugs, gesturing me to follow. "This train cannot be stopped, by "us" anyways,"

He guided Oliver to a compartment and stored my luggage over us. I kept on calling Sami's phone, but there was no answer.

"If your trying to call him... that won't work the train has a magical barrier that makes electronics unable to connect," Said Gugs.

Oliver sighed as he sat, "Great," he thought. "Where was Sami, and how could he possibly get lost?"

"So while we're here, can I ask you something?" Asked Gugs.

"Yes, yes you may," Replied Oliver.

"What's your ability?"

Oliver stared at Gugs blankly, "Are you serious right now, my friend is missing and your making jokes,"

"No, no, no. What is your superpower?" Asked Gugs.

"What is my superpower..." Oliver mumbled. "I don't have a superpower because superpowers aren't real!"

Gugs raised an eyebrow. "Your coming to the school of Horizon, Mid-Horizon, with no ability?"

Gugs noticed the confused look on Ollie's face, reaches into his bag and pulled out a pot full of dirt. How he carried that in there without it dropping is Oliver's question.

Gugs placed the pot of dirt on the table.

"What. The. Heck is this kid doing. Who carries around a pot of dirt?" Thought Oliver.

Gugs put his hand above the dirt and raised it. The dirt shot up, floating around Gugs hand.

Although it was just dirt, Oliver was amazed.

"How did you- How did- Just how?!" Exclaimed Oliver.

"My superability is "Earth,"

Suddenly a voice rang throughout the train, "All passengers grab on to the handles nearby, we will wormhole in 10 minutes,"

Oliver snapped out of amazement, and got up. "I'm going to find Sami, he must be on the train somewhere,"

Gugs tried to stop Oliver. But Oliver was just to persistent.

Oliver opened the Compartment door, and looked around. He checked all the compartments and the bathroom, then he walked up to the door to change carts but someone opened the door as Oliver rushed forward. Oliver's forehead banged into someone's forehead, Oliver fell in the ground grasping his head, "Hey man, watch where your- Sami! Is that you!" Exclaimed Oliver.

Sami laughed, "I thought you got lost,"

"What do you mean, I'm not the one who got lost,"

Sami looked at Gugs. "Who're you?"

"Oh this is someone I met, his name is Gugs Ssalg," the train started rumbling.

"Oh no-," Said Gugs.

The train shook violently. There wasn't anything to grab for leverage. Oliver barely heard a faint voice "Brace for WARP!" Before everything started spinning, as if he was fusing with everything, or as if everything was fusing with him! Suddenly it ended as Oliver crashes to left side of the Cart. Oliver groaned and Sami, who was on the floor with Gugs helped Oliver up.

Oliver looked up and at the Beautiful town that was outside. The train stood still, as if it had never moved in the first place.

A man walked into the train cart,

"Welcome, to Horizon!"

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