yizreel_jez Unfairly Fair
All the people on Earth are born with individual abilities whether strong or weak, it must be used to help each other. Azelus, Ignis Caeli Aquila Terrance Quint, age 16, wondered why people start to abuse their power for no good, they use it for crimes, use it for greediness, and use it to obtain more power by stealing each other's ability. Quint wants to restore the world, then he pondered......
Anonism Summoned for my Body
Summoned to be a sex slave in a fantasy world. Alyssa has had enough of being used for sex. She decides to use her body to do what she wants after making a deal with a heavenly body.
ShadowH1 Shadow Magus
My old world abandoned me... things will be different this time. I will reach heights no one has obtained before and gaze at the mortals below me. Let me see them abandon me this time! Follow Freya on her journey to become a magus the likes never seen before and follow her as she unravels the mysteries this world has to offer. In this world only the strong can survive.
firekid Trials For Survival
The Trials... For some, it was a chance to become strong. For the strong, it was a chance to go crazy. For everyone, it was a chance for survival. For Alex, it was a chance for revenge. System / Magic / Guns / Robots/ Scifi / Fantasy I do not own the image. Credits go to darksouls1 on pixabay.
PyroButt Reign of Worm
David was human. David is now a worm. David just wants to know what's going on. Now David eats humans. Poor David. Warning: MC is not strong, and will not grow within OP within 100 chapters. MC is also not going to look for stupid fights to satisfy the audience's thirst for blood. The MC just wants to live a good life. If you don't like that, ok. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Cover isn't mine, google...
DaoistInfinityLaw In Another World With a God
A normal young man goes to a magical world. No system. No rule-breaking powers. Randomly-assigned Talent for magic. And an annoying God to make him company.